What is this about?

Living the NEXT LIFE starts in the mind.  It starts in the core what each of us believes, because who you are and where you’re going are based upon your worldview, your code of ethics, and your compass.


The decisions we make have a heavy influence on the path we take.  The easiest decision is to be content with existing.  Living, though, is a journey that requires us to move in a direction; to resist and overcome the desire to stay in our comfort zone, and to try.  To take risks.  To fail.  To succeed.  We were designed to become, not to be.

What if the decisions you make today actually impact tomorrow?  What if this is really true?  

open road sunset

Objectively speaking, the idea here is to fuel the motivation to change the typical NEXT for each of us — moving from a destination of default into one of apparent purpose — starting now.


Next is a place of which some of us are terrified. It is a place that others would pay fortunes to see. Next is one minute from now and it is 100 years from now.  What will be next is a deep, intricate mystery, and whether crushing or exhilarating, the end or a new beginning, what is next will remain for those who will employ it an open door of opportunity.  Nevertheless, the key that opens its lock is forged by the decisions and ethical orientation of today and in the hands of the Almighty.

Ask yourself, “What is my next step?”

For the website, the “next” thing is to keep building it!

-More to come-

Life is a journey. What is your next step?