Next Steps

Something to consider on your journey — what is your next step?

Living every moment intentionally is critical to tomorrow’s reality becoming purposeful rather than a default cause-and-effect scenario.   In the possibilities of roads to take, consider:

Am I here by default, or by intention?  If I’m here by intention, what a masterpiece I am designed to be!  But the process of becoming a masterpiece cannot be achieved by that work of art; no, the Divine Artist must be allowed to shape it.  And when this takes place, legacies are written.  Role models are made and emulated.  Life’s greatest thrills and purposes are not only found, but lived in — like entering into a new dimension of color from one of black and white.

WHAT I DO is determined by
WHY I DO IT which is determined by


A great resource (and many others to follow):



–More to come–



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Life is a journey. What is your next step?